• TN - City Mayor – “Our city had been out of compliance since 1998 and under a commissioners order. The city was going to spend 1.5 million dollars for a new plant. We were going to have to raise taxes to cover the costs of the new plant. ASI designed, engineered, and installed their system and guaranteed we would meet our NPDES permit limits for less than one hundred thousand dollars.

    It has been 4 years since the ASI System was installed and we have never been out of compliance. The ASI System improved our water quality, lowered electrical and maintenance costs and saved this city over 1 million dollars.”

  • Engineer - TN. – “After the ASI system was installed we turned in our samples to our sampling laboratory. The BOD, TSS & Ammonia had improved so much they called and asked if we had turned in the right samples”
  • Mayor - MS – “We had been out of compliance for 3 years. The 45 days installation of the ASI system the MS DEQ came to our facility unannounced to take samples themselves as they questioned our BOD &TSS readings. ASI has saved this town thousands of dollars in electric bills”
  • Electrical Utility – CA – “The local municipality has decreased their electric consumption for aerating their lagoons by 67% and eliminated peak demand charges.”
  • Operator – CA - “Since the installation of the ASI System our BOD, TSS & Ammonia numbers have been reduced significantly while we are well below our limits. There are no longer electrical lines in the water making a safer work environment. I have almost eliminated my maintenance budget for repairs.


Fine Bubble aeration

Coarse bubble aeration


Aeration Mixing

Diffused aeration


Aeration membrane

Aeration hose

Aeration tubing


Engineering design

Custom designed

Environmental friendly

Recycled materials

Energy efficient

Low energy costs

Energy savings


Biological Wastewater treatment

Customer satisfaction

ASCE Standard Tested

Lagoon aeration

Grid aeration

Oxygen transfer

BOD – (Biological Oxygen Demand)

TSS – (Total Suspended Solids)

Ammonia (NH3)

D.O. (Dissolved Oxygen)



Rugged equipment

Regenerative blowers

Maximum oxygen transfer

Multiple Patents



10 states rule

Compliance on sewer contaminates discharge.

B.O.D. control

Remove sludge

Control odor

Fix stagnant lagoon

Control algae growth

Economical quick & easy installation

Eliminate electrical hazards on lagoons aeration

Guard against stream pollutants

EPA pollutants compliance