The EPA has long recognized the efficiency of fine bubble diffusion. Mechanical aeration devices are significantly less efficient.

Fine bubble diffusion was introduced by ceramic air stone products but fell out of favor several years ago due to fouling and the necessity of chemical cleaning. Subject to breakage these devices required costly replacement and low efficiency if impaired.

ASI utilitizes a new, second-generation fine bubble diffusion membrane with a truly microporous 50 micron pore size. Long lasting recycled SBR rubber and a twice patented process produce a superior nonfouling membrane capable of years of service. The membrane requires almost no pressure to operate and is capable of 25 psi without damage.

This is not an incised membrane subject to tearing or ripping due to excessive pressure as has been the industry standard for years. ASI membrane may be used in mixing and coarse bubble applications as well as fine bubble. This results in a superior, long-lasting membrane with the potential to deliver high OTE over a prolonged period for years of trouble-free operation at low capital cost. There are no orifices to clog or fail.

ASI is proud to offer a new color-coded membrane to our line of products.





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